MOVIE STUFF: Blog Review “T2 Trainspotting” (2017)

Finally! A long awaited sequel to one of my favourite movies, Trainspotting (1996).

First thing I have to mention upon entering the theatre is the promo poster. I mean, look at this thing….


How can one not be sold by this? These characters’ personalities can be summed up in these shots alone. Look at Ewan McGregor! Hahaha, so cute, OMG! ❤

Anywho! Being a huge fan of the first film, I can safely say that this one is not disappointing. It gives us a healthy blend of nostalgia versus new plot. It has everything we loved about the first one like the unique hilarity & despair of each character, plus the put-the-popcorn-away repulsiveness. One of those times where it may be best to scarf the snacks down during the trailers!

That said, it IS a sequel after all which means it’s not AS good as the 1996 film. They almost never are, but it’s pretty damn close. McGregor doesn’t get nearly as naked in this one though (boo!). The opening scene brings you right back to that environment, there’s Mark, the adorable basket-case. The transition from 1st to 2nd films, with a 20 year time gap, is very fluid.

Director Danny Boyle delivers classic disorienting visuals to accompany Mark Renton’s return to catch up with his buddies he betrayed 20 years prior. The reunions make for some pretty good entertainment. Who will he see next? How will they react?

Soundtrack you ask? Amazing once again. SPOILER: Yes, you’ll get to hear the classic, “Lust For Life”. Wouldn’t be the same without it. It also has some local music featured (Scotland) which I thought was cool.

I’m sad to say, I have not read the books. I really aspire to now though. Would YOU enjoy movie-related book reviews? Comment below and let me know!!

This is definitely worth the time. Watch the first one though!! Otherwise the brilliance will be lost on you. Definitely wouldn’t appreciate it the same way. And if you haven’t seen the first one.. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?! DO IT NOW! GO! It’s on Netflix, dammit!


Any reviews you wanna read or see me do? Comment below with suggestions (new & old) and tell be if you prefer blog or vlog format! Thanks!!


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